Thursday, November 19, 2015

Outdoor adventures!

We got adventurous one weekend while Sheldon was out of town!

Friday, me and G went paddleboarding!!

We rented our paddle board from this place.....ummm.....who's idea was this?!

G was ready to go!

then he got nervous haha

then he got excited again haha

We had so much fun and G has been begging to go back out again!

On Saturday I took the kids to the State Park for a little hike!

Um.....gators....?.....who's idea was this?!

Part of the hike jetted out around a bend of the lake that me and G went paddle boarding on the day before!

Look at her pumping her arms to catch up with her brothers and sister haha

ANOTHER great outing! The kids are begging to go back when Daddy comes back into town!


In so many ways this girl is so much like me, in so many ways she is just like her Daddy.

When it comes to Reese's....she is just like her Daddy!!!

Look at her hahahaha she is so thrilled to be eating one!!!

She knows where we keep our stash and stands there pointing and begging for one!
She will be having a complete meltdown and then we show her a Reese's and all of a sudden she is as giddy as can be as if everything has always been so fine and dandy.

She knows that when the Reese's come out that she needs to go sit on the recliner. Her and Daddy have a special moment, they sit on the recliner together and eat a package together. Smiling. Giggling. 

Football Fashion

Blaire had fun sporting her new football leg warmers!

Birthday Boy Slide

We rented a water slide for Sheldon's birthday!!

We set up a kiddy pool for the babies

The men mostly stayed inside and watched football while the woman and children played outside all day!
But Sheldon did come out and make an appearance once haha

Happy Birthday, Big Daddy!


Gavin is on Pre-K this year!!

We are doing it with his cousin, Izzy, and best bud, Luke

It's going to be an interesting year...

We start off every morning saying the Pledge of Allegiance

Followed by some calendar work and name writing practice!

Our first field trip this year was to play with baby alligators!!
Blaire was NOT afraid!!

Back the Blue

We have several police officers that live in our neighborhood.
Unfortunately, one was killed in the line of duty.

Our neighborhood grouped together and made sure his family knew we were there for them.
The streets were lined with American Flags, mail boxes were adorned with blue ribbons and front porch lights were switched out to blue bulbs.

The schools in the whole parish allowed the kids to wear BLUE one day to show our support to the officer and his family. All the schools raised thousands of dollars for his son's future education!!

So whether we were at school

or at play we made sure we wore blue that day!