Friday, March 27, 2015

Blessing Day!

Blaire's blessing day was extra special!
Daddy gave her an amazing blessing, Grampa Dizzle was here AND she wore the same dress I wore when I was blessed!
In fact...I wore it, all my sisters wore it, my nieces wore it and Ryanne wore it!!
My mom made it!!!

So grateful for all the family and friends that came!!

Dallin, Brennon, Sheldon and Blaire, Grampa Dizzle, Uncle Kelly

Running, Colic, 4th of July!

I can exercise again! yay!
Ryanne and Bubba decided they wanted to start running with me!

Look how sweet she is, I bet you had no idea she has the LOUDEST COLIC SCREAM EVER!!!!!!

Listening to the dishwasher helps sometimes with the colic. sometimes.

We got her sunglasses for her to wear poolside for the 4th of July....I think they are a little bit big

Grampa Dizzle is here!!!
He came for Blaire's baby blessing, we are so happy he is here!!

Oh my goodness, the cutest baby at the pool!
She is so dang ADORABLE!!!
Happy 4th of July!

Big Man!

Gavin is 3!!!
He is such a big man now! No longer the baby of the family!

He is such an amazing kid, filled with so much joy and love for life!
He has such a contagious laugh and the sweetest smile that can melt any heart!

We love our Gavin Britt!!!

Oh The Fun!

Her first month went by so fast!

Napping in her crib for the first time!

Throwing the peace sign!

so cute!

that's one sweet stretch hahahaha

Blaire's first time going to church!!

One day it had rained so much that just about every city had flooding!
This is in our neighborhood just around the corner!

The kids had so much fun riding their bikes through the giant puddles!

Father's Day!

Just telling the truth!

  Daddy and his FOUR babies!!

Baby Sister

Ryanne and Austin are head over heels for their baby sister. They want to touch her, hold her, kiss her, watch me change her diaper.....neither one has volunteered to help with a diaper yet ;)

Gavin doesn't seem to care too much yet haha he's just off in his own little Gavin world!

This little girl is so lucky to have such an amazing big sister and 2 big brothers to protect her!