Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Break!

Having cousins in town has been so much fun!
It's even better that it just so happens to be our Spring Break so we've been able to have lots of play time!!

We went to a splash pad!

These two are only 5 months apart, wish they lived closer!!!

We've already had a sleep over too!
We played Headbandz...

....ate some ice cream, camped out in the living room, had a movie night...

and blew lots of bubbles!

Can't wait to see what the rest of this week brings!!

Easter 2014

 When I was a kid we made a bunny cake almost every year for Easter!
So this year I decided to do it with our kids!!

Easter Sunday

Gosh dang, they are cute!!

After church we headed over to Gramy & Grampy's for dinner and an egg hunt!
Sheldon helped out the boys.....on the scooter? haha  

Sheldon had to help out Bubba to reach deep in the flowers so that he wouldn't step on any flowers and crush them haha

Photo Bomb!

We have some cousins visiting this week!! YAY!!

I let the kids paint my belly like a giant Easter egg!!

Even Sheldon got in on the fun ;)
Go Utes!

But of course the real reason we celebrate Easter is this....

My Girl!

 Spring Soccer is over :(
She succeeded in beating her personal best of 6 goals in one game by scoring 8 goals in one game!!!

I had a girl's day out with this beauty!!
We headed to the mall and went SHOPPING!!

We hit up Charming Charlies and Claires and tried on half the store before we bought a few things!

made a few more stops and then grabbed some ice cream!
We had so much fun!!!
She's already asking when our next girl's day is going to be!!

I LOVE spending time with this girl!!


 Twiggy the water skiing squirrel was at the Lafayette Boat & RV Show!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

T Ball!

T Ball is here!!!!!
He is so excited to be playing again!!
Especially cuz this year Sheldon is coaching his team!!

Let's go Corn Huskers!!!

4 wheelin' fun

Allergies or not we couldn't stay inside on such an awesome day!!
We lathered ourselves in sun screen and worked on our tans as we sneezed and cough the whole afternoon ;)

We had lots of fun!
There was an abundance of bike riding, bubble blowing, water gun squirting, 4 wheelin', and popsicle eating!

I'm amazed at how well Gavin drives this thing!!
He's fearless!!


We played our very own version of pictionary Sunday night!!
It was such a big hit that the kids have asked to play it every day since!!

They picked a letter and then had to draw a picture that begins with the sound that letter makes!
See learning can be fun!!

F is for Fire Station!

T is for Television!
Ryanne started drawing a picture inside the television and immediately Austin guessed "President Monson during General Conference"
......he was RIGHT!!! How the heck did he figure that out?!!!

R is for Ryanne

R is for roller coaster!
Ryanne was shocked Austin guessed it correctly!!

O is for Octopus!
Bubba drew that one! how cute!

U is for umbrella

D is for Daddy!
He added some "hair" to his drawing hahaha

We had lots of fun!