Monday, September 21, 2015

Ringing in a New Year!

WE spent New Year's Eve at Gramy & Grampy's!

G put on his G Packers glasses hahaha

Then we headed out back for some sparklers fun!

Blaire stayed inside, she thought the sparklers were too intense and it was too cold!

On New Year's Day we went over to a friend's house and had fun in the backyard staying warm by the big fire and letting the kids explore their land and play with more sparklers!!

And played in the leaves of course!!

What a great way to start off a new year!!

Sweet Baby Blaire

It's crazy how fast she is growing up!

I love seeing her personality develop!

Attacking her big sister with kisses!!

Everyone always asks Ryanne if she is happy that she finally has a baby sister and her reply is always "I prayed so hard for her!"

Christmas Day!!!

Showing off their Christmas Eve jammies!

Christmas morning came and Blaire was so excited!

and so was Ryanne haha

Personally, I think the Utah blanket my Mom made for us was the BEST gift!!
She embroidered everyone's names on each corner!!

Sheldon would probably say the best gift was the Eric Weddle autographed football he got from our brother in law!!
Bill, we will do better than an Oklahoma snuggie for you next year hahahaha

After spending Christmas morning at home with just our little family we then headed to Gramy & Grampy's house for more Christmas fun!

Santa got the kids nerf guns for Christmas so we drew a target on the chalk board and the kids got some shooting practice in!

On The Move!

It's official....

...we have a CRAWLER!!

There's no stopping this girl!
She's on the move!

Sunday Funday

 Instead of paying attention in Sacrament meeting me and Ryanne did this...

Ahhhh her baptism is coming up so fast!!!

And Blaire did this...

Gramma and Grampa bought all the kids their Sunday Christmas clothes!!



Crazy G!

Baby Blaire!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lego Birthday!

 Austin has recently started his obsession with LEGOS!

And seeing the Lego movie added to that obsession haha

So, naturally, a Lego themed birthday party was a must!

So I got to work on the invitations and party fun!

We played pin the head on the lego man!

ooo fancy

I totally forgot to take pictures during the party, so not like me!!

But he was so happy he got a PACKERS LEGO SET for his birthday from Gramma and Grampa!!

once everybody left he got right to work on putting it together!

He is such a big man!!!
6 years old seems like such a big jump from 5!

Me, Daddy and Blaire showed up at Austin's school to surprise him for lunch!
He LOVED having us there!!
But even more, LOVED showing off his super cute baby sister to all his friends!!

Happy Birthday Bubba!! We love you so much!!

Book Fair

 This year for the Book Fair Ryanne chose CINDERELLA!

This is the pumpkin we came up with!

We had so much fun making it and she WON for BEST CINDERELLA PUMPKIN!!