Friday, July 24, 2015

Blaire Blaire!

We love this little girl so much!!!

Trying out Daddy's headband!

Super focused on rolling over! haha

She is trying so hard to roll over, it's so funny to watch haha

Hanging out at big sister's soccer practice! 

Birthday UTE!

Time for the Birthday Boy to get his much anticipated Utah Birthday cake!!

Just remember.....don't judge this cake too critically, I have no idea what I am doing and most of the time I have at least one child hanging off me while making it haha

Grandparent's Day!

A few years ago we really started getting into celebrating Grandparent's Day!

Mainly because Ryanne's school makes it a point to celebrate it....I never knew it ever existed!!

So this year we made a POPCORN bowl!!
We put all the kids' handprints (and Blaire's footprint) on the outside and then on the inside they each put a fingerprint which later the lady made look like pop corn!!

I've been wanting to do this for a while now but didn't want to do it until we had ALL of our children!!

We gave the bowl to both sets of Grandparents and it was a HIT!!!
My parents use it almost daily!!

I totally forgot to take an after picture....oops

I also made this for my parents and sent it with the bowl and lots of different flavors of popcorn seasonings!!

September fun!

Our super cute girls!

and our oh so handsome boys!

We headed to the pool one Saturday and had it all to ourselves!

nice goggles, dude

one day for FHE we taught the kids the importance of keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

We set up special toppings and labeled them with different activities we shouldn't do on a Sunday, going to the movies, eating out, swimming, participating in sports, etc.

Then we scooped out some ice cream into a bowl.
As we added out toppings to our ice cream they quickly realized how bad our "Sundae" can become with the wrong "activities"

This one had pepperoni and parmesan cheese and mustard, GROSS!

Then we took the yummy toppings and labeled them with good Sunday activities like.....going to church, spending time with family, going on a walk, reading our scriptures.

Our "Sundaes" tasted much better when we chose the right activities to do on the Sabbath!

Back in Action!

Soccer is back in season!!

Taking a hard earned water break!

It's so much fun to watch her play!
I get so excited when she gets the ball free and runs down the field on a break away!

These 4 girls have played together the last few seasons and are in the same classes at school!

Eye Candy

Cuz she's too cute to not share a whole bunch of pictures of her ;)

She has a birthmark!!

Back To School

From the horror stories my MIL has told me about Sheldon going to school and knowing that Austin is a mini Sheldon I have been SO NERVOUS about his first day of school!

The time has finally arrived and guess what?!
He did GREAT!!!

Ryanne headed off to 2nd grade while Austin marched off to Kindergarten!!

Me, Gavin and Blaire walked Austin to his class on his first day!!

And on the 2nd day he did great!!

But not so great on the 3rd grade.
This is what I expected on the first day.
I guess it took 3 days for the excitement to wear off.

Poor, Poor Bubba. He doesn't do well with change.