Thursday, April 3, 2014

T Ball!

T Ball is here!!!!!
He is so excited to be playing again!!
Especially cuz this year Sheldon is coaching his team!!

Let's go Corn Huskers!!!

4 wheelin' fun

Allergies or not we couldn't stay inside on such an awesome day!!
We lathered ourselves in sun screen and worked on our tans as we sneezed and cough the whole afternoon ;)

We had lots of fun!
There was an abundance of bike riding, bubble blowing, water gun squirting, 4 wheelin', and popsicle eating!

I'm amazed at how well Gavin drives this thing!!
He's fearless!!


We played our very own version of pictionary Sunday night!!
It was such a big hit that the kids have asked to play it every day since!!

They picked a letter and then had to draw a picture that begins with the sound that letter makes!
See learning can be fun!!

F is for Fire Station!

T is for Television!
Ryanne started drawing a picture inside the television and immediately Austin guessed "President Monson during General Conference"
......he was RIGHT!!! How the heck did he figure that out?!!!

R is for Ryanne

R is for roller coaster!
Ryanne was shocked Austin guessed it correctly!!

O is for Octopus!
Bubba drew that one! how cute!

U is for umbrella

D is for Daddy!
He added some "hair" to his drawing hahaha

We had lots of fun!

Date Night!

Sheldon and Ryanne went out on a Daddy Daughter date night to see the play Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

Ryanne loved the play so much that after church the next she made us watch the movie (original not Johnny Depp) while Gavin napped!!


Guess who got rid of his training wheels?!

Bubba did!!!!!

I can't believe how easy he made it look!
I guess all that time on his balance bike really paid off!!
He had it figured out before he even got to the neighbor's driveway and had NO PROBLEM at all turning and stopping!!!

Children's Museum

We went to the Children's Museum and had lots of fun!!

We sailed boats

We went shopping

We fought fires

 We went fishing

We brushed teeth

We formed our own band


Jet Ski Time!

We had some visitors come into town!
Sheldon's brother, Caleb, and his family came!
We finally got to meet Baby Britt!

We had amazing weather while they were here and took out Gramy & Grampy's jet skis!

Ryanne and Sheldon on their first jet ski rid of the year!

Gavin with Grampy

Austin waiting patiently for his turn

Grampy and Gavin came back and gave Caleb and Nikki a turn on the jet ski.

Sheldon and Ryanne were still out on the other one.
Austin waited and waited and waited for his turn on the jet ski.
He wanted to ride with Daddy so he waited and waited and waited and waited until we saw something......

Sheldon and Ryanne on the jet ski being TOWED back by a fishing boat!!!!!
We were wondering what was taking them so long ;)