Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fire Station Fun!

We took a preschool field trip to the FIRE STATION!!

We got lucky when the firemen decided to show the kids how high up the ladder goes...

...and then he brought it all the way down to give us all a closer look!!

We learned all about their fire suits and breathing masks!

Mardi Gras Queen

Ryanne won Mardi Gras Queen for her class this year!!

Here she is with all the rest of the 3rd grade Royal Court!

One of her best friends won Queen for her class too!

The Queen and her King!

Daddy helped her throw some goodies in the parade!

We all waited anxiously to fill our goody bags!!

Friday, April 15, 2016

2016 Fun!

January was good to us!

Started it off with a date with my boys!

We had a fun family friendly game of basketball!

We took a trip to the Children's Museum!

Ryanne had a Crazy day at shcool!

AND she had a BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

My girl is 9 now!!!!!!!!!

We went out to eat with some family and then off to Gramy and Grampy's for some presents and cup cakes!

New Year's Eve

We had fun hanging out with some friends and family on New Year's Eve!

The Moms and kids ended 2015 with a bonfire while the men stayed warm inside watching football!!

You can't have a bonfire without making s'mores!

trying to keep warm! haha

Christmas Fun!

Christmas Eve cookies!

Everyone worked hard on their cookies!

She worked hard by eating them!!

They opened their Christmas Eve Jammies, we read our scriptures and anxiously headed off to bed!

They woke up to a fun surprise note left by Santa!

ahhhhhhhh a TRAMPOLINE!!!

and Gramma and Grampa sent us a selfie stick hahahahaha